Real World Apps with Blazor and .NET Aspire

In this episode Eduardo joins Frank to showcase FairPlayTube: The Next Generation of Video Sharing portals, a tool for content creators and entrepreneurs, powered by AI to create thumbnails, digital marketing strategies, passive income ideas, posts for social networks and more.

.NET Aspire vs Traditional Development: What You Need to Know

This article delves into the core concepts of .NET Aspire and explores how it simplifies the development process.

Using MassTransit with .NET Aspire

In this video, I demonstrate how to create a distributed application using MassTransit and .NET Aspire. A front-end API application along with a back-end consumer service, wired up using the Aspire AppHost, and communicating using the SQL Transport via PostgreSQL.

.NET Aspire - George Kosmidis | codeweek April 2024

Learn how .NET Aspire can automagically add orchestration, observability, service discovery, logging, tracing and a tone of other services!

How to simplify development of distributed apps with .NET Aspire

In this episode, Sander Molenkamp will show you how you can use .NET Aspire to simplify building distributed cloud-native applications.

Building cloud native applications with NET Aspire

.NET Aspire is the new tool to develop cloud native applications locally. It helps you to compose your apps and cloud services you need to develop your application. This talk will show you how .NET Aspire is going to be used to create and deploy your cloud native application.

ASP.NET Community Standup: Building

Join Jeff Fritz as he shows how he built with .NET 8, Blazor, Microsoft Azure and .NET Aspire!

.NET Aspire: Deploying to Azure

I'm using Azure Developer CLI to deploy an Aspire App to Azure. I also show what happens when we add more dependencies to our app. I talk about the limits of this and show little tweaks to the Aspire app code when you want to add more services.

Instant OpenTelemetry Dashboard for JavaScript Developers with Aspire

Visualize and get insights locally on your developer machine for OpenTelemetry data with the Aspire Dashboard: Any JavaScript App, Any Framework, Completely Free! Let's set up an Express app with OpenTelemetry and then pipe the data to visualize it in the Aspire dashboard locally in a docker container.

My First look at .NET Aspire. What's with the Hype?

Follow along as I take a look at .NET Aspire. I've been hearing a lot about it, but is it worth the hype? Good question! I haven't used it or really read much about it in detail so here's my first look and first impressions.