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Join us on July 23, 2024, for .NET Aspire Developers Day, a livestream event to elevate your .NET skills with keynotes, deep dives, and interactive sessions. Connect with experts and the community.

Aspirant: Extensions for .NET Aspire

Aspirant is a set of extensions and experiments for .NET Aspire App Host projects.

What is .NET Aspire telemetry?

.NET Aspire uses Telemetry data to determine how a service is operating. This includes the number of requests it is handling, how long each request takes, and how many errors have occurred. Telemetry in .NET Aspire can take three forms: logs, traces, and metrics. Overall, telemetry helps achieve the primary goal of .NET Aspire, which is to ensure that apps are straightforward to debug and diagnose.

What are .NET Aspire service defaults?

.NET Aspire service defaults consist of helping methods and tools to manage the configurations for OpenTelemetry, health checks, environment variables, and more. These tools ensure your cloud-native application works across different environments reliably and securely.

What is .NET Aspire service discovery?

.NET Aspire service discovery helps applications to find each other. Distributed applications consist of multiple services that talk to each other over the network.

What is the .NET Aspire Dashboard?

The .NET Aspire Dashboard is a comprehensive tool for application diagnostics and monitoring. The dashboard allows you to closely track various aspects of your app, including logs, traces, and environment configurations, in real-time.

Garnet support now available

Microsoft Garnet support is now available! Garnet is a remote cache-store from Microsoft Research that offers strong performance (throughput and latency), scalability, storage, recovery, cluster sharding, key migration, and replication features. Garnet can work with existing Redis clients.

.NET Aspire preview 7 is now available

.NET Aspire preview 7 wasn't part of the original plan, but as a developer, you might appreciate being able to react quickly to changes in a quickly evolving development ecosystem. This preview has a lot of breaking API changes, partly due to the fact that once the product is released, we'll be committed to a stable API surface. Suffice it to say, the team was eager to ensure that they got these API changes in place before the final release.

.NET Aspire Preview 6 is now available

.NET Aspire preview 6 is now available and introduces changes that improve the security and reliability of .NET Aspire. The following article provides an overview of the major changes in .NET Aspire preview 6: 8.0.0-preview.6.24214.1.

Official .NET Aspire Samples

Official Samples for .NET Aspire with source code.