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Let's Learn .NET Aspire - Start your cloud-native journey live!

Join us for Let's Learn .NET Aspire, a global live stream workshop where you can learn all about what .NET Aspire is, why you would use it, and see how to integrate .NET Aspire into your apps with a hands on workshop.

Build AI Applications with ease using Semantic Kernel and .NET Aspire

Today’s topic will explore how we can build AI applications with ease using the Semantic Kernel and .NET Aspire. So, if you’re excited about creating intelligent, scalable, and efficient apps, keep reading.

Create custom resource types for .NET Aspire

.NET Aspire improves the development experience by providing reusable building blocks that can be used to quickly arrange application dependencies and expose them to your own code. One of the key building blocks of an Aspire-based application is the resource.

What's New in Aspire Preview 5

.NET Aspire preview 5 introduces breaking changes to hosting NuGet packages. In addition to these breaking changes, there are several sweeping improvements and additions to be aware of, including support for AWS and improvements for Azure.