Articles by ASP.NET Community Standup

ASP.NET Community Standup: Building

Join Jeff Fritz as he shows how he built with .NET 8, Blazor, Microsoft Azure and .NET Aspire!

ASP.NET Community Standup: .NET Aspire Release Party

Join David Fowler, Damian Edwards, and Mitch Denny to celebrate the release of .NET Aspire

ASP.NET Community Standup: .NET Aspire Update - April

Let's get an update from the team on the latest .NET Aspire previews!

.NET Aspire in action

Brady Gaster shows how he used Aspire as he worked on the docs and various features leading to the manifest-based deployment integration with the Azure Developer CLI. He built a new intelligent app to learn how to use OpenAI with Aspire, while migrating the Build 2023 demo code to Aspire (9-12 hours, over 100 files touched) and using PlayWright to develop an end-to-end integration test app for all the Azure-specific Aspire features supported in AZD.