Articles by Fiodar Sazanavets

Why .NET Aspire Components Are Powerful

As well as being able to orchestrate .NET projects, Aspire can also orchestrate the so-called Aspire components. These components are special libraries that add popular packages to our distributed application. Today, we will talk about Aspire components, why they are useful, and how to add them to our applications.

How .NET Aspire Does Health Checks And Why It Matters

When we look at the Resources tab of the .NET Aspire dashboard, we find the State column in the table displayed there. This column shows the current status of each service managed by the .NET Aspire. Ideally, we want each of these services to be shown as Running with the green tick next to it

Monitoring Apps Inside .NET Aspire

We will talk about the process of monitoring applications orchestrated by .NET Aspire. But before we do it, let’s remind ourselves why monitoring is something we absolutely must have in our applications.

The Anatomy of .NET Aspire Application

Today we will examine a basic .NET Aspire application based on the .NET Aspire started project template.