Articles by Jeff Fritz

Adding Antivirus to .NET Aspire Systems

In this article, I introduce a proof-of-concept project that adds the open source ClamAV antivirus scanner to a .NET Aspire system and shares connection information so that other resources can request malware scans.

Learn C# with CSharpFritz: .NET Aspire and Microservices with MongoDb

We've learned how to activate .NET Aspire with an existing application and work with a Postgres database. In this episode, Fritz continues growing a blog engine by migrating content to MongoDb with Entity Framework Core using a Microservice approach.

Learn C# with CSharpFritz: .NET Aspire and Databases with Entity Framework

Fritz continues to enhance a blog engine using .NET Aspire. In this episode, he introduces a Postgres database and shows how you can configure migrations for your database schema using .NET Aspire

Learn C# with CSharpFritz: Basics of .NET Aspire - Part 1

Let's learn the basics of .NET Aspire by building a simple blog website. We'll introduce a blog application that reads from markdown files on disk and start migrating it to use .NET Aspire and its cloud stack features

Learn CSharp with CSharpFritz: Introducing .NET Aspire

Fritz introduces us to the .NET Aspire tech stack. In this discussion-focused episode, we will learn what .NET Aspire is and how we can add it to our existing applications to enable distributed application development and deployment

Live coding and deployment of aspireify.NET

Jeff Fritz completes the development of the aspireify.NET website and deploys the first version, as well as configures the custom domain name for configuration on Azure Container Services with azd

Introducing aspireify.NET!

Welcome to aspireify.NET! This is a new website that we're built with .NET Aspire to be the hub for all things .NET Aspire - news, code samples, videos, tutorials, and more. Grab an RSS feed, share your links about Aspire with us on X at: