Articles by Oleksii Nikiforov

Managing Startup Dependencies in .NET Aspire

This article demonstrates how to utilize .NET Aspire as an orchestrator. You will discover how effortless it is to define a dependency graph between components during startup.

Learn .NET Aspire by example: Polyglot persistence with PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, + Elasticsearch

Learn how to set up various databases (Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch) using Aspire by building a simple social media application.

Using Keycloak in .NET Aspire projects

This article will show you how to get started with Keycloak and Aspire. It is based on Keycloak.AuthServices.Templates template. Templates make it really easy to get started.

Claim-Check Pattern with AWS Message Processing Framework for .NET and Aspire

The claim-check pattern can be use to help manage a high-volume of messages, including messages with large payloads. This post demonstrates how to implement this pattern with AWS.Messaging and .NET Aspire. These tools simplify the complexities associated with development of distributed systems.